Brian Street - Thinking Through Practice And Working With Theory

  • Simon Coffey King’s College London,
  • Tracey Costley Essex University
  • Lynne Isham Lampton School, London
  • Constant Leung King's College London


Brian Street joined King’s College London as Professor of Language Education in 1996.  For the best part of twenty years Brian was an enthusiastic and tireless colleague and teacher in the School of Education, Communication and Society.  Already a well-established scholar, he continued to develop and extend his ideas in language and literacy theory and practice throughout his time at King’s.  He drew on his intellectual grounding in cultural anthropology and literary studies in highly productive and imaginative ways when working with theoretical and educational matters (see Castenheira and Bloome, 2021 for an informed account of his intellectual trajectories).  His own professional conduct was infused with a strong commitment to social justice and widening participation in public education.  As colleagues and students we have had the privilege and benefits of working with Brian.  In this symposium article, we put together three accounts that provide glimpses of Brian’s ways of living and working as an intellectual activist.