Teaching Anthropology (TA) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal
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A journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute dedicated to the teaching of anthropology, TA promotes dialogue and reflection about anthropological pedagogies in schools, colleges, universities and beyond.

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A collection of resources, teaching tools and links for classrooms and seminars that foster interactivity and engagement with anthropology.

Current Issue: Vol. 9 No. 2 (2020): Spring issue
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In contrast to the unprecedented times we are living in, this Issue considers the importance of active experiential learning that takes students out of the classroom to engage in collaborative research.

Multimedia collection
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A multimedia repository sharing teaching practices and interviews as well as a curated list of ethnographic films and media for teaching

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  • Teaching with Postcards
    As restrictions on face to face fieldwork continues to impact teaching, our archives reveal an interesting array of alternative, novel approaches. Have you considered teaching with postcards? Find out more from Mascha Gugganig and Sophie Schor’s 2019 article ‘Teaching (with) Postcards: Approaches in the classroom, the field, and the community’. If you don’t want to organise your own […]

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