Teaching Anthropology (TA) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal dedicated to the teaching of anthropology. It is a journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, and promotes dialogue and reflection on anthropological pedagogies in schools, colleges, universities and beyond. We welcome content from cognate disciplines that explores the teaching of culture and difference, as well as ethnographic methods.

Collecting together a diverse range of submissions, TA provide an archaeological repository of how teaching has evolved in anthropology.  It is intended to be a practical resource to inspire and stimulate current pedagogical practice. Teaching sharpens our research questions and pushes forward disciplinary knowledge, opening possibilities for personal and professional transformation.

The journal brings together a range of formats and resources, from full length peer reviewed articles, to shorter Developing Teaching reports. We encourage submission of interviews with prominent anthropologist or educators that reflect on the evolution of their teaching. Articles are published immediately upon acceptance and Special Issue collections are encouraged.

TA welcomes innovative content and we invite authors to contact the editors with potential submissions that do not fall within the usual formats.

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